Statement of Policy

It is the policy of the Blair Township Water and Sewer Authority in Blair Township, Blair County, Pennsylvania, which owns, operates, administers and maintains water distribution and wastewater collection systems to accept any request for service to a dwelling or new development within the service area of the Authority, as defined by the most current sewage facility act (Act 537) of the municipality in which the new land development proposal is offered, and within the service area defined by the Authority’s water allocation permit, so long as the request for service meets the intent of this policy and these regulations. The decision to approve any proposed extension or request for service to the existing systems shall be approved so long as capacity exists in the conveyance or collection system, capacity exists at the treatment facility, capacity exists under the water allocation agreement, no prohibited wastes are discharged and all other regulations of the Authority are met. In the event subject requests and extensions are accepted by the Authority, the responsibility for operation and maintenance of those facilities, will be assumed by the Authority, unless special circumstances and conditions must be met as delineated in the Developer’s Agreement with the Authority.

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