Keep Fire Hydrants Clear of Snow

House fires occur more frequently in the wintertime – primarily because of the hazards associated with heating a home.  In an emergency, every second matters.  Fire hydrants that are blocked, concealed, or difficult to access due to snow can impede emergency fire response.

You can do your part to help emergency fire responders by keeping nearby fire hydrants accessible and clear of ice and snow.  In addition to removing the snow that is covering the hydrant itself, it is important to clear a 3-foot perimeter around the hydrant, and to maintain a shoveled path from the street or driveway to the fire hydrant, so that it is visible from the road and firefighters can easily access it.  Keeping hydrants clear of snow can mean easier access to water, and more time doing what really matters – fighting the fire.

Help keep your home and family safe from winter fire hazards by ensuring the fire hydrants in your neighborhood are clear and readily accessible in an emergency.

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